Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ignoring a Squirmy Baby

Ignoring a Squirmy Baby

After just a couple weeks of practicing the natural infant hygiene method I can communicate with my infant enough to know quite often when he needs to go to the bathroom. You'd think this would mean I would take him every time and it would work out really well and we would be saving many diapers.

Well sometimes he communicates clearly and I ignore him. I feel so bad even thinking about it. But, sometimes in the night (or when I'm tired during the day) I see baby squirming and kicking his legs. He whimpers and struggles. I know this means he has to go but I ignore it. I try to justify it to myself by saying "oh maybe he will just go back to sleep" or "my back is too sore to hold him in position-it could be a couple minutes before he is ready".

But then of course he eventually just goes in his diaper even though he gave me ample time to catch it and take him to the bathroom. He doesn't want to go in his diaper. He prefers to be clean and dry just like adults but sometimes I'm just too lazy to give him that courtesy. It is shameful really. Especially considering the fact that much of the time I have the knowledge that he needs to go. Most parents don't notice so it is understandable but since I'm making the effort to notice I should be responsible enough to respond to his communication.

Granted, sometimes I don't notice or he goes in his sleep. I don't feel bad about it if I don't see any signs of communication or if we both just slept through it. These things happen. However, when we have successful communication we should successfully avoid making him wet his pants.

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