Thursday, May 22, 2014

Successful Natural Infant Hygiene

Wow that was just about perfect!

Last night we went through more than seven poops and pees and only used one diaper.

We put little boy to bed in a diaper and he woke me up about two hours later squirming and whimpering some. I got out of bed and took him to the bathroom where he still had a clean diaper. He went in the sink (number one and number two) after signaling that he was going to go by squirming and pulling away from nursing.
I put him back in to bed after nursing but this time just wrapped him in a towel with no diaper. He's got a little rash so I wanted him to breathe some.

This time when he woke me up a couple hours later he had wet in the towel and there was a small amount of poop. Usually if he farts a little comes out. I took him to the bathroom where he released the full amount of both. It seemed clear that he had tried not to go in the bed.

As the night wore on I got less responsive. Shame on me. It is hard to wake up sometimes when I'm hoping he will just go back to sleep. I don't know why I hope for something that has never happened and shouldn't happen. If he has a wet or soiled diaper I want him to wake me up especially if he has a sore bottom already.

I was really excited that we caught the ones that we did and that of worked so perfectly. The temptation now is to expect it to work so well every time. Already today it is not going so well. Part of it is that I'm not as responsive because I've been busy trying to accomplish something ... Anything ... Around the house and he doesn't seem to want to sleep unless I'm holding him and we are sitting or laying down. Half a load of laundry, part of the dishwasher, lunch at 3:00... Maybe I need to just enjoy his company since I have no choice anyway. Although, I do feel pretty clever about writing this post on my phone while he is laying down nursing.

All in all, the experience last night has given me some renewed hope!

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