Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two Weeks Old Update

Well, yesterday he was two weeks old and I intended to write a post about how things are going, but it turns out having a new baby keeps you kind of busy!

So far so good. Things are going better than expected in some ways, and are more troublesome in others. Right now my biggest enemies to Natural Infant Hygiene are:
  • Lack of Sleep - It is hard to work up the motivation to get out of bed fast enough to catch it when he needs to go.
  • Sore Muscles - It takes a little while for him to actually go when I'm holding him in position so my back gets sore, plus it takes even longer when I misread signs. 
  • Positioning - We are getting better at aiming his urine spray, but it is still a challenge.
  • Fussing - He sometimes fusses when he has to go, and that is heartbreaking. I'm not sure if he is in pain or if it is just a newborn thing. Doctors say it is fine, but I hope I'm not doing anything wrong.
The strongest motivators to continue Elimination Communication are: 
  • Diaper Rash - I noticed a little bit of redness on his poor little bum. I'm sure leaving him in messy diapers is the cause and it sure isn't fair to do that to such a cute little guy.
  • Supportive Husband - He doesn't participate in it, but sometimes he will read the signs and ask if I want to try to get him to go. That is way more than I expected, so that is encouraging.
  • Small Victories - Every diaper saved, every sign read correctly, and every small success is a huge motivator to continue on. 
  • Clunky Diapers Seem Uncomfortable - Whenever I put a diaper on him I think about how uncomfortable it must be on his soft delicate skin. He looks so much more comfortable when I let him lay down on some blankets in the buff.
After two weeks it doesn't seem like I can give it a fair assessment if Natural Infant Hygiene will work in the long term. Everything is new and changes so quickly in the beginning. It is certainly worth continuing to try though! 

Well! Duty calls! He's pooping and spitting up right now. Wish me luck!

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