About Me

I'm a new mom who just wants what is best for my baby boy. That could be new or ancient practices, I'm open to whatever makes sense. I'm trying out Natural Infant Hygiene and am open to success or failure, but I am looking forward to learning all about it along the way.

I currently live in Arizona with my husband who works more than full time. We decided to see how it goes with me not working outside the home for awhile. I am still active in my church and do volunteer work, but my primary job will be to take care of the house and family. Maybe this Elimination Communication stuff can help us save enough money on diapers and accessories so I don't have to go back to work for awhile!

If I write product reviews or include any links to items to purchase they are likely affiliate links which means I may receive compensation for them. Thanks for buying through these links, it helps a lot! I will only suggest items that I believe in, but of course you should do your own research before you take the advice of some random lady on the internet.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to getting to know other people in the Natural Infant Hygiene community! I love comments and questions so feel free to be an active participant on every post!


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