Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poop is Either Annoying or Funny - You Choose

Of course, when dealing with human waste some funny things are bound to happen. The other day I was wiping his bottom with a wet wash cloth. I thought he was finished, but no! I'm lucky the cloth was in the way or that poop would have been everywhere, probably including my face since I was looking closely to make sure I got it all. Whew! 

That was a messy little (big) bowel movement and he urinated at the same time, so he got a bath. He loves baths! (Maybe he dirties himself all over so he can take more?) 

After he was all clean and dressed I noticed he was fussing so I went to change his diaper. I set him down and got his dirty diaper off and realized I had just tossed all the cloths I use to cover his penis during changing in the laundry. And, there were no diapers in the room. I ran to the other room to grab a diaper and came back to him whizzing all over the wall. He has some great range!

So much for that outfit, he got it wet. I think we went through four or five in a few hours. He had heard the rumor that I was almost caught up on laundry. 
The other day I read a sign that he needed to go. I was right! However, not about what he needed to do. I put him in a good position for bowels and he promptly urinated all over my face and then the rest of the bathroom. 

I thought about how interesting the whole cycle was. I eat food, make it into breast milk, feed it to him, he eliminates it and it ends up back in my mouth again. All I can do is laugh! (And brush my teeth.)

Sometimes he would cry when he wet (whether he was in a diaper or we caught it successfully) I feared that he was in pain somehow. But, after seeing him contentedly pee on the walls, my clothes and on my face I realized that he wasn't in pain-he was just disappointed about missing his target.

Part of communication is laughing together. We have had some fun, and that is a success to me whether it is ideal natural infant hygiene or not. 

Do you have any funny stories with elimination communication? Share with us in the comments below!

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