Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not Just about Saving Diapers

Now here's an issue with Elimination Communication that I didn't anticipate. Sometimes I actually "catch" the need for elimination but baby has "sharted" in the diaper. It is dry and for the most part clean, but there is a small streak of that yellow poo from the last time he farted.

I almost feel frustrated because I read the signs and got him to the bathroom in time, but then still needed a new diaper. (How much do they cost each?) But then I stop and remember what is important.

  • This is about communication with baby and meeting his needs. Natural Infant Hygiene is not just about saving money. If it was it would be too much pressure and wouldn't be worth it. Attaching an importance to financial success makes it too stressful. 
  • It is also about comfort. I wouldn't put on underwear that was streaked up, he shouldn't have to either. And, if we caught it before he wet or dirtied the diaper then that is a fair amount of time that he doesn't have to sit with his own waste pressed up against his delicate skin. That is a huge win.

So in times like these, as I'm throwing away the diaper that is mostly clean I need to remind myself that it is a win even though we "lost" a diaper. We are communicating and taking our less than two week old baby to the bathroom instead of teaching him to poop his pants. 

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