Sunday, June 29, 2014

2 Months of Elimination Communication Status Update

Little Baby Communicator is about two months old now! Here is a quick rundown of how things are going.

  • Since he can't stand or sit up on his own we just lay him down in the changing area and put cloths over his goodly bits to eliminate. Low stress. Works well enough for now. 
  • He uses his own word "Ghoo" to indicate that he needs to go, or he wiggles his legs a lot. He recently started reaching his hand down towards his crotch and bringing his legs to his chest. That is a good way to know he needs to go rather than is just playing. I still make the "sssss" sound and say "Shash koni" (Farsi for "go potty") to tell him when to go. I also use his word. 
  • We catch the potty more than the poop. The poop requires some effort on his part so it seems easier to just go through the process while he is eating, but we will catch one once in awhile. I don't want to stress him out in the changing area so if it isn't happening then we just let him go in the diaper.
  • I counted one day, we caught 13 pees, 2 poops, used two diapers, and had 2 false alarms. That was a really good day with no interruptions or anything unusual going on. On normal days we catch more than half though.
  • When we go somewhere or have people over we don't catch as many. This is obviously mostly my fault for either not paying enough attention or not having a place I can really bring him to let him go conveniently. 
  • Cute Baby seems to love it so far. He likes being clean and dry. He tells me when it is time to go, and smiles when he is finished.

I am surprised at how well this works for how young he is. People underestimate babies way too much. Although I don't think we are close to being "diaper free" I see so much promise in using Elimination Communication! I think Natural Infant Hygiene does work and Dad and I agree that we are glad we are trying it.
I'm looking forward to seeing what another month brings!

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