Sunday, June 1, 2014

Got One!

After writing my last post I got inspired to continue to try again with natural infant hygiene. So after cute baby woke up from a nap I immediately took him to the bathroom. I took off his dry and clean diaper, placed a towel over him and started the cue sound and told him he could go.

He didn't at first so I went to the bathroom myself and then tried again. This time he smiled at me and immediately started urinating! He seemed so pleased with himself.

I gave him some time to have a bowel movement but he didn't need to go. I thought he did because he was squirming but he was also crying. I put the diaper back on and took him out of the bathroom. He fell asleep right away so it turns out he was tired and didn't have to eliminate any more. I'm excited to learn the subtle differences in his communication with me. He is only five weeks old and already I am enjoying his new methods of communication. 

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