Sunday, June 8, 2014

Could he be making his own words?

I've been using the "ssssss" sound while baby is eliminating as a cue sound. I've also been using the word "shash" for urine and "madfoo' " for bowels. (These are the Farsi words for each .)

But then a couple days ago I noticed that he kept saying the word "ghoo". To my knowledge it doesn't really have meaning in either Farsi or English but it was a sound he used frequently. I started to realize he used it in association with urinating.

I thought it was a coincidence at first. Babies make sounds and babies pee... Both quite frequently. But then I paid more attention. Whether we were on the changing table or anywhere else, if he said "ghoo" then he would soon eliminate, specifically urine.

I intended to write this post about my speculation after he did it three times but he has done it three more times since then! Six seems less like a coincidence especially since he doesn't use it any other time.

So I'm letting him train me. I'm still using the cue sound and the words I used before but why not add "ghoo"?

We'll see how this goes, but I am excited for the potential.

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