Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Fairly Consistent Sign

We are just over six weeks in to natural infant hygiene (baby is just over six weeks old) and so far we have been able to communicate on one point more regularly than the rest.

When we have him on the changing area, whether to change his diaper or if he signaled that he needs to go, when we try to put the diaper back on he signals whether he is finished or not.

I started using the baby sign language for "finished" and ask him if "تمام شد" (Farsi for "finished?"). However, our communication about diapers is not yet that sophisticated. If he isn't through with eliminating and I start to put the diaper back on then he wiggles, squirms and whines a little bit. If he is done he relaxes slightly when I start to put it on.

I think it has worked just about every time since we noticed it. I explained it to dad after he told me that baby started wetting in the diaper before he even had it fully back on. I'm not sure if dad will participate but st least he is interested and talks to me about it. He is encouraging.

Overall, I'm glad we have at least this one sign. It is a good place to start. We have that and the usually consistent need to eliminate when he first wakes from naps. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from there.

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