Saturday, June 14, 2014

Caught Three in One Day - Natural Infant Hygiene is Possible!

Caught about half yesterday! Three of them were perfect.

We had a great day yesterday- busy but great. Little baby is 7.5 weeks and as I mentioned before he started using his own word for elimination communication. I listened when he wiggled and said "ghoo".

I took him to the bathroom each time and he went every time. At least three of the times it was effortless. He made his sign. I took his diaper off and put a cloth on him. Then after just a few seconds he started going. I told him he went, said how nice it is to feel dry and put his diaper back on him. He smiled and giggled and said "I ghoo" which maybe is his past tense.

Amazing. This is so much fun! Even Dad is getting in to it, but that's another story!

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