Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Review

I ordered the blue potty seat from Baby Bjorn hoping I might find a way to make it work for baby. All I can say at this point is
  • It is very good quality
  • The plastic is smooth
  • It has a splash guard for boys
  • The color is pretty
  • It has a non slip bottom so it doesn't slide around on the floor
  • It is too small for newborns. Baby is about 24" and probably around 12 lbs at this point and it really doesn't work for him yet. That's not a poor reflection on the product, just a note for anyone considering it for natural infant hygiene. He is about two months old so I didn't really expect to find a potty chair to fit.
I will probably have to use an old yogurt container if I want to have him eliminate while he eats. At this point, though, I think I will be pretty happy if we catch all the poos except the ones while he is nursing. If we were ever to get to that point we could consider another option.

Great quality product, we just aren't ready to use it yet. I will write a more hands on review once we have used it for awhile.

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