Sunday, June 15, 2014

Even Dad Can Participate in Natural Infant Hygiene!

Dad even did it!

I got to go grocery shopping by myself yesterday. What a treat! Even though Dad has expressed an interest in elimination communication and encourages me to do it, I never really expected him to try it himself. And, that's fine. Natural infant hygiene isn't for everyone and it won't do any damage to our progress.

But about twenty minutes after I left I got a text message from Daddy asking, "Does he usually have to go to the bathroom when he wakes up?"

He took him to the bathroom and successfully caught a pee and lots of poop. I told him he doesn't have to do natural infant hygiene if he doesn't want to or if it seems like too much effort. He said, "He seems to like it."

That was so great to hear because I don't want to do anything that makes him miserable. I'm glad it is working for the whole family.

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