Monday, June 23, 2014

Natural Infant Hygiene with Diapers

Well he already started in his diaper, why not just let him finish?

I've thought this several times. Well, I already failed, why not just let him finish going in his diaper? Here are several reasons why not to just ignore it and to continue with natural infant hygiene even though this diaper has already been soiled.

- The point of NIH isn't just saving diapers.

- It doesn't teach him anything.

- It may have just been gas.

- If he isn't finished he still has an opportunity to learn.

- Why let him sit in that dirty diaper pressing against his delicate skin?

- He might fall asleep and then he will be in a dirty diaper even longer.

- Why risk a leak?

Reasons I do leave him in a dirty diaper to finish:

- He is in the middle of eating. It will cause a fuss that it isn't worth. Usually it will only be another ten or so minutes anyway.

- I'm lazy. I feel bad but it happens. Not a good reason, more of an excuse.

- He is asleep and I don't want to wake him up. If he goes while he is sleeping I'm probably not going to wake him up to change him.

So every diaper situation is different. If I take the time to assess my motives I generally don't think it is a good idea to let him just wallow in his own filth. I feel so bad when his poop is dried on to his little bottom because I left it too long. Poor guy.

A loss of a diaper isn't a loss of an opportunity. Can't win them all completely but it is still important to keep trying.

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