Friday, April 25, 2014

Challenges to Natural Infant Hygiene with Newborns

I've been working on Natural Infant Hygiene with my newborn for a few days now, I think. Days sort of run together. Here are a few challenges I'm looking forward to overcoming.

  • Positioning - Infants can't hold up their heads so holding them in a proper position to eliminate in the right place is difficult. For now I am holding mine over the bathroom sink. More urine has gotten on to his feet than straight in to the sink, and more poop has gotten on the counter and floor than the sink, but we are getting better every time!
  • Attention Span - Newborns don't really want to spend time being entertained or distracted from eating and sleeping so holding them in position without them crying is difficult. For now I am continuing to breast feed while he eliminates. Guessing if he is giving cues for the front or the back and aiming it properly is an interesting challenge. 
  • Tired Arms and Back - Holding an 8 pound baby while breast feeding and waiting for him to eliminate gets tiring. I'm going to be so swol! 
  • Limited Cues - We are both new at this so we haven't learned a whole lot of signals yet, and some of them are mixed up with other meanings. When we get it wrong we try try again!
  • Texture - Newborn poop comes in a variety of difficult textures to aim. 
Overall I am really pleased with how things are going so far. I'm surprised I've had any success at all and that there aren't more challenges. Natural Infant Hygiene makes sense and it helps reduce frustration rather than causing it. I'm so excited!

Anyone have any tips on how to aim boys better? Please share that or any other thoughts in the comments below. 

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