Sunday, April 27, 2014

First Signals in Elimination Communication

After less than a week of life with my little boy I'm already noticing patterns and signals that he needs to eliminate.

If he is nursing contently he will sometimes stop, pull away, fuss and start trying to suck on the back of his hand. At first I thought we just weren't latching very well, but after awhile I realized that the nursing was just fine, but that he was doing it deliberately so that he could be in a better position to eliminate.

When he first wakes up from a nap he will squirm a little bit before he cries or fusses. He wiggles his legs and moves around. As far as I can tell he does not like to wet himself when he first wakes up and will give me some time to realize what is going on. I have only caught one post-sleep urination, although I'm not entirely convinced they all happened after he was awake. Still, I'm not discouraged but encouraged by this!

A difficult one to spot is a calm peaceful look. It looks the same as when he is just satisfied with the meal he just had. However, sometimes it means that he is going to spray his urine all over like a fountain in about 3 seconds. This cracks me up even though I have a mess to clean afterwards. I still need to work on aiming the little guy in the right direction.

So, as of right now, I'm convinced that every time a baby cries or fusses he has a reason for it. Most common is hungry, second most common is related to elimination, and then discomfort either from being overly tired or gas pains.

Six days old and already communicating! We will learn this language yet!

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