Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Our perfect little boy was born on Friday! I am so in love with him and he is amazing. I never thought I could just stare at something for so long.

As far as Natural Infant Hygiene goes, the first 24 hours were fantastic. I had never seen that dark tar colored baby poop that comes out of newborns so I wasn't scared at all to hold my sweet baby skin to skin for hours and hours with no diaper.

He only eliminated a few times in the first day and I was too tired to do much about it anyway. Just learning how to put diapers on was a big enough challenge, though I did try to pay attention to his different cries. I figure at this point they can basically only be hungry, gassy, tired or uncomfortable for some reason- wet or in pain from tests.

No need to worry about anything at all the first day. Just enjoy the new little person. There isn't a lot going on for Elimination Communication anyway. Any communication is great.

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