Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Caught My First Poop!


I figured I would give the post nap catch a try. He had just woken up so I took little baby over to the sink to nurse and see if he would go at all. However, I wasn't prepared for it to actually work. I was trying to get ready and do a few other things, too. (This was the day after we left the hospital so we were scurrying to get to his doctor's appointment.)

So I was holding him in an awkward nursing but holding him with one hand position. I had my hand on his little bottom and sure enough, the black tar that newborns are so famous for exploded in to my hand.

I didn't care though! I was excited that it "worked". I knew he would have to eliminate and he did. So I made the cue sound, laughed and got it all cleaned up. 

I just saved a diaper! More than that, it gave me hope that this might work. 

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