Thursday, April 3, 2014

Family Reactions to the Natural Infant Hygiene Method - Mom

Maybe she was busy, or maybe I didn't explain it properly but I was very surprised when my typically curious and supportive mother reacted to my idea of trying Elimination Communication with my baby.

Good luck with that.

I could feel the sarcasm dripping in the text message. As I said, it struck me as very odd considering the fact that she is at least interested in all my other ideas like baby wearing and avoiding vaccines. 

I should have expected some people would think that I'm crazy or stupid for wanting to try. Some people will absolutely misunderstand Natural Infant Hygiene to be "baby potty training" - which it isn't. And some folk will assume I have unrealistic expectations and think that my baby will never have a wet or dirty diaper. I guess I just wasn't prepared for one of the nay-sayers to be my mom. 

Of course, I'm still going to try it but I was flooded with feelings of doubt and a little bit of concern about accepting visitors so soon after the birth. (We are letting family come visit from out of town no sooner than two weeks after delivery so we can have time to establish a rhythm as a new family before we have to start being polite to loved ones who offer unsolicited advice about what we are doing wrong.)

Still, people will start visiting and I will have to be prepared to continue whatever I'm doing with Natural Infant Hygiene at that stage, and it certainly won't be perfected in less than a month. I suppose I better brace for people being critical of it. 

The nice thing is that the book I'm reading about it has six chapters talking about how great it is, how well it will work, and all the benefits of doing it. It isn't the same as finding a person who is supportive and encouraging, but it does help boost my confidence in my decision to try.

Whether or not my mom is right in her idea that it is unrealistic, I am still going to try and enjoy the efforts towards communication on a deeper level with my little baby. Plus, I do plan on trying to explain the process and idea of Elimination Communication to her again at some point. I will try to learn how to explain it so it makes more sense. 

Have you had any surprisingly discouraging reactions to your plans to use the Natural Infant Hygiene Method? Please share in the comments below!

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